Follow-up to @eryn's post -- I can verify much of the narrative in the GFM -- which I recommend reading, although I should note that it may be rage-inducing :kestraglow:​:

I first started working with Tessa when they were dealing with threatening messages from their former partners at Red Thread ( -- I recognized bullying/lying tactics from my own experiences with problematic business associates.

I remember them going through brainfog from the mis-medication. I remember the eviction. I remember the delay in disability payments which led to that, and almost killed them. I remember a lot of the other events mentioned.

Tessa is sometimes described in news articles as "mentally unstable"; this is... just wrong. (I could go off about that all by itself... but I'll just say that I'm more than familiar with being misunderstood because of not thinking the way most people do.)

If you know anyone who could help, please reshare. 🕯️ 💜

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