...and while I'm snarking about web ads...

...I'd like to comment on the text here.

Is it only marketeers who don't get that if you're helping members of some generic group "stay competitive" with each other, you're not actually helping any of them?

...because for every entity you help to compete, you're also stiffening the competition?

...or are they helping universities and colleges compete against, I dunno, kindergartens and elementary schools?

I'll admit, it'd be nice if they were helping universities and colleges compete against Fox News and/or other right-wing media. That would actually be useful.

But somehow I doubt that's what they mean.

I can only think they're just fueling an arms race, and trying to make it sound like a good thing.

Sylvester McMonkey McBean, but with investors.

@woozle I find it crazy that competitiveness of universities is so much insisted upon as a good thing 😖

Disclaimer: I work at a university.
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