So, Frontier is claiming I owe them $74.98, months after I cancelled the account.

I sent them a letter asking for an accounting of the amounts which lead to this total, with date for each, so I could verify that I actually owed it -- and their response has been to send it to a collection agency, CCS, who is (of course) reiterating the demand without providing any new information.

Does anyone know how to say "fsck off, I don't owe this" in legalese?

@woozle Consider sueing Frontier, debt collector, their officers, and possibly any john does, for added impact and/or hilarity.


@dredmorbius I believe I have collected all of your links here, for later perusal (along with redacted copies of all documents thus far exchanged):

I have started a project on my billing app for this. Every time I find myself worrying about money*, I will do a bit more work on this, and I will track the time spent. :scowl::kestraglow:

Thank you all for your supportive comments, and Morbius especially for his research.


* aka every day

cc: @shuttersparks @bhaugen

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