I have questions...

* Does it come with a tool for converting my old analog air?
* Will it fry all of my air, or just the air I've digitized?
* Does it use DRM so I can only use their brand of air?
* Has it been tested to make sure it won't install a rootkit that gives it control of *all* the air?
* (most important) Can it be gendered? (I need a pink version that's safe for my daughter to use. I'm sure you understand.)

@woozle All very good questions. Wish I could help, but I've never fried air except when I'm arc welding.


Also, is fried air fattening, and does it contain cholesterol?

Inquiring minds want to know.

@woozle I wonder if the analog air fryer has better quality.

@Ghost Only if you use the cables with gold-plated plugs, and make sure the signal paths are consistent with sacred geometry.

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