Thought for today:

Sometimes one group of people has to do something that *seems* objectively silly[1] because another group of people is doing something that is *actually* silly[2].

-- Footnotes --

1. a word which here means "pointless, seemingly just for social status if you don't know the context"
2. a word which here means "harmful or deadly for no good reason"

@woozle Often, I find I can express myself as well or better in Spanish than in English, except when it comes to technical or scientific matters, where Spanish fails miserably. One irritating exception is that there is no direct translation for the English word "silly". I use the word silly a lot and there's no word in Spanish that communicates the exact sentiment. Dictionaries translate silly to tonto (m) or tonta (f) but that word isn't received by the listener anything like silly. It's an insult, equivalent to calling someone stupid. There's no fix for this problem. [🖼 :-(]
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