Apparently a historic building near downtown exploded because of a gas leak, a little over an hour ago.

I was downstairs and heard the windows rattle; @Harena was upstairs by a window and heard the explosion and felt the house move.


@woozle @Harena I was at home asleep, I promise! Unfortunately I have no one who can corroborate this alibi.

But seriously, I'm glad everyone at Hypertwin Manor is OK and you all didn't experience any damage.

@SetecAstronomy @woozle I am also innocent even after talking about how fire in the morning cheers me up...

...I didn't mean like THAT :(

@Harena @woozle I understand.

I enjoy many things. Gratuitous destruction is not one of them.

@woozle That would explain why Duke felt the need to send out an emergency notification then! (I have a guest account there.)

@woozle @Harena Wow. Thanks for posting. I've seen no mention of casualties, so that's good.
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