For some reason, I've had this Python sketch running through my head a lot today.

Not sure what might have caused this. 🤔 :pip:


it's so fucking trippy to see the difference in visuals between Cleese's falsetto and Chapman's falsetto O_o

@sydneyfalk ...and yet I can somehow imitate either one of them; go figure. ^.^

(I halfway feel like doing my own reading of this sketch and uploading it.)


same. watched a lot of Python as a kid and used to wanna do voice work, so I can alter a lot of things about my voice.

@sydneyfalk My parents were always "you should do voice-acting!" and I was always like, yeah, that'd be nice... but how do you even *look* for that sort of work? (And does it require moving to Los Angeles?)


You don't "look" any way at all, actually. One of the benefits of a VA's job is that you can show up in shit clothes and look like a monkey fucked a robot and they had a baby that fucked Swamp Thing and they still don't care as long as the voice passes their muster and doesn't piss off audiences.

Most people literally don't know a lot about VAs, so they get less attention than like, if, you were a character on a live TV show.

Some folks do it from home, but some travel to LA happens.


(Well, 'some' is perhaps misleading. My understanding is that 'some' is a bit heavy in the beginning -- usually b/c interviews and a few meetings and such. But a very small and reasonably effective home recording process is possible for a lot of VAs, so they live at home, go to LA a couple times a year for meetings or auditions or such. At least if things are moderately close to what I've heard on the subject.)

(I was very interested in it for a while.)


(as for how to look for it: your guess is as good as mine, but IIRC there were some pointers on that front in a few places, so it may be findable online. it will require, almost inevitably, that you either eventually hire an agent or act as your own agent permanently. if you're not into self-promotion, you will probably want an agent.)

@woozle Condolences on the passing of @Pip, by the way.. 🙏🌹

...Oh! And hilarious Python sketch by the way. Worth a chuckle or two at least.

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