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We actually have a minivan now, omfg. No more wondering when the camshaft in the 1995 Subaru is going to explode.

Meet Daisy, the 2010 Odyssey.

The pod bay doors won't open on command.

No, I'm serious. The remote locks and unlocks just fine, but it won't open the automatic doors. DAMMIT HAL I'M GOING TO GO STRAIGHT TO YOUR MAIN DATA BANKS WITH A VERY LARGE AXE AND GIVE YOU A REPROGRAMMING YOU'LL NEVER FORGET, IS THAT CLEAR??


tfw you're shown a pop-up ad which includes (along with many other cars, most of which are out of your price-range anyway) the car you bought yesterday.

Unfortunately, it stopped showing it after I clicked on it to make sure it was the same one, so I don't have a screenshot.

Here's the listing, though: carmax.com/car/17127891

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