relationship tangles; road trip (1/3) 

Today is another Asheville road-trip day. We'll be leaving as soon as we can get out the door and returning probably after dark.

It'll be the first time in half a year that I'll be doing this without a certain person being kind of on tap via internet, at one end of the trip or the other if not the whole time, to chatter to briefly at rest stops and other in-between moments, and I am definitely feeling that absence.


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relationship tangles; road trip (2/3) 

On the one hand, it looks like this will not be permanent (despite my assumptions last Sunday and Monday morning ( I could probably end it at any time, if I'm reading things right.

On the other, I can't wholeheartedly celebrate that fact (much less accelerate it) because of the emotional harm that the person in question has done to @Harena .That is what needs to be addressed before we can start putting things back together.


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relationship tangles; road trip (3/3) 

She has also harmed me more directly, but mainly via her absence, or more accurately my reactions to same... and the despair I have been through because of that is a price I am willing to pay.

...but I can't make someone else that I care about pay such a steep price for my happiness, can I.

There has to be a solution.

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relationship tangles; road trip (2/3) 

@woozle @Harena fwiw if either of you could use another pocket-friend (and/or IRL in addition to the times I usually see you), I am here, and you are both awesome and I'm grateful that I know you both.

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