Went to grocery store, got a bunch of stuff and two large bottles of kitty litter. Everything else fit in the bag I brought, but was carrying the kitty litter.

Got distracted by all the complicated steps (some social, some machine) involved in checking out, and left the kitty litter there.

Pretty sure this is not the first time this has happened, either.

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@woozle oof I know what this is like. I've definitely briskly walked toward the door with absolutely none of my bags whilst totally sure that I had successfully accomplished my shopping without a hitch.

@woozle I have done this several times. They usually remember me when I go back for the thing. 💜

@barkstick Unfortunately, it was in Chapel Hill and just not worth the trip, given time/spoons.

If I thought they'd still have it tomorrow morning, I might... but it'd be different people and they probably wouldn't know me.

@barkstick They didn't remember me, but they let me pull the two items off the shelf and take them without paying, since I had a receipt. So, yay!

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