Ye gods but the desktop NextCloud client is kind of terrible.

@woozle Just wait until you get a sync conflict. The only way to resolve it is to permanently remove the .conflict file. If you try to keep it around as a backup, rename it, move it, whatever, it just keeps telling you that you still have a sync conflict.

@QBFreak @woozle Ohhey, I wonder if that's what's causing those errors with my nextcloud ;p

@QBFreak Is that a file on the server somewhere?

@Harena where's that screencap you took of the error?

@woozle @Harena it'll show up next to the file in question. You'll also get a yellow notification in the GUI that you can click on and it will take you to the folder.

@QBFreak @Harena I've got those yellow notifications on mine, but clicking on it seems to have no effect at all.

Also, it's giving me notifications about files it's not synching because they match a no-sync pattern. (Why do I need to know this?)

I was going to ask what version of the desktop app you're running, but... where does it even have the version number showing? Nowhere that I can see. >.<

@woozle @Harena It looks like the Version is under the General section. I'm running client version 2.5.1git.

@Harena @woozle I just forced a sync error. The first image is the GUI showing the error, if you click on the little folder icon on the right it will open your file manager so you can see the offending files. The second image is a screenshot of the offending files in Caja.

@QBFreak @Harena I get a similar dialog box, but clicking does nothing (Screenshot attached.)

@woozle @Harena Even clicking specifically on the folder icon on the far right?

Most of the things it says are on the ignore list look like temp files, so I'm not surprised it's ignoring them. I forget what I once learned about Nextcloud and hidden files. I do see one sync error there, I bet that one the folder is clickable to take you there.

@QBFreak @Harena Yep, even clicking specifically on that. And double-clicking. And right-clicking. Specifically on the ones that are conflicts, even.

It makes sense for it to ignore the files it's ignoring; what I don't understand is why it needs to tell me about this as if it were a problem of some kind.

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