Arrived home from our travels last night, after a blown tire and some worrisome engine noises.

We had a good time, though, and @Harena scored some totally excellent pot in New York.

@barkstick @woozle Indeed, the Most Dangerous of Places!

Fortunately, I escaped just with that saucepan which I've been wanting to replace for over a decade & a Christmas gift for Mel.

But it was a Near Thing, letmetellyou! ;D

@Harena @woozle I think I have a similar saucepan, but it's really old! The time I went there many years ago, my then-housemates bought some really nice amber mugs. I always liked them and was sorry I didn't get any for myself. They don't make them anymore, but I found them on ebay and have a set of 4 and am happy! Thus ends my tale of corningware outlet finds.

@barkstick @Harena

It looks like I'm never going to get a good opening to make more pot jokes, so I'll just note that this particular type of pot is excellent for a high without any crack.*

(I'd add something about getting really baked, but would probably be corrected, since it's not actually used for baking.)

* due to the high thermal expansion coefficient of the Pyrex glass, of course

@woozle @Harena You can always joke about my huge patch of weed(s) behind my house! I am at a higher elevation than where you are, but won't hold that over you.

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