~~ Julie snuggles my laptop ~~

Julie is very snuggly. She has slept with us both nights so far, and is basically just a large cuddle-toy that finds warmth and occupies it.

<steps in front of camera>

Hi, I'm Woozle, and I work for the Soft Toys Division here at the East Coast branch of TootCat Cybernetics Corporation. I hope you're enjoying our wide assortment of Soft Toot Cats!


~~ Julie gazes mournfully ~~

"When are you gonna stop taking photos of me and get back to the skritches? Priorities, *please*."

This didn't actually happen, and Julie denies any involvement whatsoever.

Let us now put this unfortunate incident behind us.

~~ Julie contemplates the future ~~

~~ hopes it has warm and also cuddles ~~


Some Julie news:

She had become a real problem at her then-abode (the place where @Harena and I were staying at the time of those posts) because of, shall we say, excessively outside-the-box thinking. Her owner was pretty sure that this was due to inter-cat conflict and that she would be happier somewhere else.

This turned out to be true, as a new home was found for her a month or two ago and she has been *quite* happy there.

@woozle @Harena I am interested in this, thank you for sharing more! I'm really glad she's so happy now! :D

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