Is there such a thing as a Bluetooth mouse, to make editing on a mobile easier?

Or am I (as so often seems to be the case) the only person who wants this?

@woozle Would a stylus do the trick? I just tried that with Pages on my iPad and it seemed to work pretty decently, at least in terms of fairly precisely moving the cursor to various parts of the screen, highlighting, and so forth.

@Woozle Hypertwin Yes, bluetooth mice exist. They're a bit expensive, compared to really cheap USB mice.

While it's inelegant, I got a cheap USB adapter to use mouse (or keyboard) on mobile phone/tablet. I mean, it's not so critical for keyboard since there are relatively cheap bluetooth keyboards.

But I don't think there are any cheap bluetooth mice.
@woozle Microsoft, Logitech and others sell bluetooth mice.

If you've got an android device with a semi-recent version it should "just work" for the most part.

Yay tablet owners wanting mice!
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