I finally put together a brief history of , inspired by the need to find a place for a quasi-historical link I came across:

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Internet historiography is anodyne to the unsettling move fast, break things soul carnage.


@deejoe I'm a big fan of sustainability and non-transience.

@woozle Don't leave us hanging! Is it running a modern fork? We learn all about how cool and cat-like it was, and then not another word is spoken about it.

@QBFreak Yeah, I need to bring the history forward a bit.

I'm currently checking with Charlotte to see if she's ok with being mentioned there, and then one way or another I'll probably write more.

@woozle If you're lacking those customizations, it looks like all you need to do is tweak config/locales/en.yml

@QBFreak What they did was create a new language variant, en-TC.

This actually caused some issues after the migration, so I want to be careful before reintroducing it.

...and I should probably catch up on upgrades, too. We're several releases behind at this point.

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