cold anger, police brutality, #justice 

I invited them to put down their weapons and garden with me, on Saturday.

I expressed (legality) concerns about their demands to "stop volunteering and get out of town" on Sunday.

On Monday, they threatened, harassed, arrested, and finally beat me and gave me a concussion by slamming my head repeatedly against the pavement.

Power for the people, destroy the abusers.

kinda demanding, police brutality, please take time to read about what actually happened, cold anger, uspol 

Here's my initial response to all of the shyte being said about me in the context of the June 4th incident.

You have time to read the whole thing.

Fecking *make* time.

Also, archive of it, because I'm kinda paranoid at this point:

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update from Tessa 

Here is @eryn's account of what happened last week:

If you're at all interested in those events, I do recommend reading the whole thing.

...and there's a call-to-action near the end, right above "Miscellaneous".

The "Miscellaneous" section talks about Tessa's difficulties as an autist interacting with NTs; also recommended.

I recently wrote this, which seems relevant to that area in particular:

I have more writing to do...


Tessa update P.S. 

Oops, forgot to hashtag that update (attached) with so it's findable.

Wiki pages will be happening.

And somehow I need to get in 3.3 hours of coding time before EoD Wednesday, so I can get paid properly.

You'd think this wouldn't be too difficult, right?


Also... the GoFundMe from Sessha is, as I feared, full of highly questionable statements. We'll be getting into those issues as well, oh yes.

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