@pinkprius I need to remember to look carefully, next time I'm at our co-op, to make sure the cashiers have stools to sit on.

I *think* they do, but I'm not 100% certain.

@woozle @pinkprius if it's a #coop, shouldn't they be able to ask for chairs themselves?



In theory, yes -- but it doesn't always work that way. I know of another nearby co-op where it took some serious informed activism just to get management to let members see the bylaws. Employees were afraid to protest unpopular decisions because they didn't control hiring & firing. Etc.

...and our co-op's governance model was apparently based on theirs.

So I'm watching for signs of the same problems.

cc: @pinkprius

@compl4xx @pinkprius

It's member-and-employee owned.

durham.coop/our-co-op/ - includes links to articles of incorporation and such

The one on which it was based (note that my info is about a decade out of date now): issuepedia.org/Weaver_Street_M

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