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woke up sans alarm at like 6:45 and it's too bright already to go back to sleep yay spring

Kinda exhausted. Hoping to sleep in. Bleh.

almost hard to believe it's over now...

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Hey admins, do you run a tagged release or master on your instance? I'm curious

answer here:

#admin #admins #mastoadmin #mastodonadmin

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im just anxiously waiting to wrangle everyone to go to lunch and then freeeedom

my work inbox is exclusively goodbye emails and responses from me and 2 people who used to be on my team… 😭

why samsung is the only one who goofed up the friqqin sparkles emoji

doesn't help that i'm on a bit of a sugar rush right now either

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i'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo checked out about everything right now


Thinking about yesterday's breakfast of cheddar Apple scone with cappuccino

Good morning Mastodon... I'm thinking about where I want to have coffee this morning. What's up with you?

my cat just sat right next to my keyboard and rested her head on my hand.

i went to get my phone to take a picture of her and now she WON'T STOP BITING ME like 6 times wtf.

🗯️ hey bro do you have a cigarette man?

💬 nope

🗯️ you have green hair?

💬 i do...

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