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mastodon instance pals, I hope you won't mind if I ask you to take part in a quick straw poll. Please –

♻Boost if you would prefer images on a CW'd post to be marked NSFW by default

🌟Favourite if you'd prefer they stay completely unlinked

thank you!

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TIL that Mastodon doesn't currently email admins whenever someone files a report. If you're an admin, you might want to check the settings to see if your users have been asking you for help.

@helena there's a lot to take in. Still setting up things.

I completed my first day at AWS Elemental!

@ashkitten I don't know if it's still a thing, but if you don't mind the hassle of setting up mpd, Sonata was hands-down my favorite Linux music player some years ago

@davidsgallant ohhh, this is the same developer as Mola Mola???? wow that makes a lot of sense

@davidsgallant I'm about as far as you and having a lot of the same feelings on this. Surprisingly fun.

Terrorism / White Supremacy 

@polymerwitch holy shit

@Murassa ooh that looks cool, i can't wait to start

@polymerwitch Yes, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't do it.

Help my roomie find a job 

@polymerwitch I wish I knew more places hiring jr/intern devs too... trying to help my neighbor get a software job too.

This Dark Souls III art book is amazing. I would hang half of these pictures up on a wall I love them so much.

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