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ukpol, strike action 

A handy guide to all the strike actions being planned in the coming weeks, including background, and how you can support the strikers:

Ooft. Tried to go for an early morning run to beat the heat (i.e., it was 20°C here in Glasgow) and I still just ended up doing intervals between the shade along my route.

Happy #InternationalNonBinaryPeoplesDay everyone! I'm interested in following more #nonbinary people as one of my kids thinks "he" (this is still the pronoun of choice for now) might be nonbinary and so I want to learn as much as possible. :)

glasgow, cycling infrastructure, rant 

One thing that annoys me about the bike lane coverage in Glasgow is that vehicles can use "shared bicycle lanes" (aka bicycle lanes with dashed lines, see picture) for loading/unloading. This is not at all welcoming to newer cyclists, and should not be marked as a bicycle lane.

For the record, since people will mention this, I'm not saying that the truck shouldn't be able to unload. I'm saying that this is not a bicycle lane. This does not count as cycling infrastructure. The council should either do it properly, or not do it all.

This half-way nonsense is just going to deter potential cyclists who will see a "bicycle lane" on their map, but then try to use it, be forced out into traffic in an intersection, and swear off cycling as it's scary and dangerous.

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In an effort to be more social on social media, here's me enjoying summer after a run.

We call on people in positions of power in their FOSS communities to stop using GitHub and stop recommending it. GitHub, as a proprietary, trade-secret platform cannot be the singular development community for FOSS projects.

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Very sensible👍


Victoria is about to roll out air purifiers on public buses to help entice passengers back to public transport. It's the first project of its kind in Australia, designed to make the daily commute much safer. #7NEWS


Please join us and #GiveUpGitHub by visiting and while you are still on #GitHub, adding information to your README that you do not agree with GitHub's policies and monopolized place in our community.

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The Clock Is Ticking! The deadline to register as a presenter at's very own #SummerSchool is TOMORROW, the 1st of July!

Sign up at and let the team know if you have any questions!

FB deleting posts on acquiring abortion pills 

#Facebook and its subsidiary Instagram are deleting posts discussing how to acquire #abortion pills (Plan B, mifepristone and misoprostol, e.g.)

Well my first attempt at bleeding brakes on my mtb worked out well - only lost one bleed screw ^_^

Are you a queer leftist who lives near Berlin and would like to play in an amateur ska punk band?

Do you play bass guitar or maybe even some brass instrument? (You really don't have to be any good, it's punk)

Do you have some time to spare each week to practice and write songs together?

If so, send me a dm.
I'm currently in the process of writing some songs and I'd love to have other people play them with me.

When I tell people I won’t put certain apps on my phone because 1) they destroy privacy and 2) they are designed for profit to turn us into twitchy monsters… they are still mostly surprised. Boggles the mind how this could still be an unusual stance.

HI, your loving reality check here!

It doesn’t make sense that we know how to reduce COVID19 transmission and yet as a society we are not doing any of those things. Minimum: keep masking indoors in public with a KN95, N95 (US), or FFP2 (UK), ventilate, vaccinate, and filter the air. Also, extra points if you stay home more than you go out, avoid crowds and large groups.

covid, rapid test sourcing, uk 

So a person I shared an office with on Monday tested positive for covid on wednesday. I'm working from home for now, but where's a good place to get covid tests these days, given I'm in Glasgow, UK? I'm guessing I have to pay for them, which I don't mind too much.

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