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The Clock Is Ticking! The deadline to register as a presenter at's very own #SummerSchool is TOMORROW, the 1st of July!

Sign up at and let the team know if you have any questions!

FB deleting posts on acquiring abortion pills 

#Facebook and its subsidiary Instagram are deleting posts discussing how to acquire #abortion pills (Plan B, mifepristone and misoprostol, e.g.)

Well my first attempt at bleeding brakes on my mtb worked out well - only lost one bleed screw ^_^

Amazed out how many people responded to my "do not announce your intent to commit crimes" toot with variations of "even better, don't commit crimes at all!"

Look: not all laws are moral. The law can, AND FREQUENTLY HAS BEEN, used to oppress people. People who helped slaves escape to freedom were breaking the law. People who sheltered Jews and gays and Roma from Nazi genocide were breaking the law. Sometimes, there is nothing a moral person can do BUT break the law.

I'm not saying ALL laws are immoral. But if you cannot imagine ANY law ever being worth breaking, you either need to read some history, or you're comfortable living with oppression because you're confident it will only ever oppress other people.

And if it's the latter, I'm not particularly interested in your opinion.

Are you a queer leftist who lives near Berlin and would like to play in an amateur ska punk band?

Do you play bass guitar or maybe even some brass instrument? (You really don't have to be any good, it's punk)

Do you have some time to spare each week to practice and write songs together?

If so, send me a dm.
I'm currently in the process of writing some songs and I'd love to have other people play them with me.

When I tell people I won’t put certain apps on my phone because 1) they destroy privacy and 2) they are designed for profit to turn us into twitchy monsters… they are still mostly surprised. Boggles the mind how this could still be an unusual stance.

HI, your loving reality check here!

It doesn’t make sense that we know how to reduce COVID19 transmission and yet as a society we are not doing any of those things. Minimum: keep masking indoors in public with a KN95, N95 (US), or FFP2 (UK), ventilate, vaccinate, and filter the air. Also, extra points if you stay home more than you go out, avoid crowds and large groups.

covid, rapid test sourcing, uk 

So a person I shared an office with on Monday tested positive for covid on wednesday. I'm working from home for now, but where's a good place to get covid tests these days, given I'm in Glasgow, UK? I'm guessing I have to pay for them, which I don't mind too much.

Here ye Here ye

If you would like to present at the fediverse's free and absolutely volunteer run and fully interdisciplinary conference going on for its third year?
Well have I got news for you - you can

Please holler at me, DM @SummerSchool any questions you have.
Can't wait to see y'all in class 😎

FREEBIE ALERT! Happy 2nd anniversary to my first-born book child! 😃 A child of the pandemic, it was released into the world on 17th June 2020.

To celebrate, Intrepid Dudettes of the Inca Empire Part 1 is #free today at:

Google Play
Barnes and Noble

Head to to grab your copy!

#freebie #freebook #freedownload #reading #readers #book #ebook #fridayfreebie #history

rant, bad journalism 

Seeing some unfortunately-common and very shoddy reporting based on "we asked people what they thought of the economy and here's what they said" but framed as "this is what is happening in the economy". You can replace economy with any other complicated question, but journalism should be more than asking people who are not qualified to make statements without evidence and then reporting said statements as fact.

Not sure how to actually fix this problem though.

I'm bad at months. Presentation submissions open tomorrow!!


You do not have to be on Scholar to present! It's a fedi-wide event.

This is a phenomenal example of how to twist someone's words in a headline.


The headline the Times chose to run with vs the things Christopher Eccleston actually said in the interview


old mobile phone, rant 

Just found my old HTC Legend (mobile phone released 2010) and realised how much I miss proper small phones. The Legend is smaller than the screen on my current J5 from 2017 (only ~112mm tall!) and the J5 itself is (or was) meant to be a "smaller phone".

That time Saturn accidentally showed everyone how much space is wasted with cars.

Would you like to hear a story about a Native American man in the 17th century who managed to fuck over the British not once, but TWICE?

Let me tell you about a fellow named Epenow. ( 🧵​ )

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