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If you are fleeing the war in Ukraine and coming to the EU, you can find information on our webpage about:

🚸Children protection
🎓 Education

🔗EU Stands with Ukraine. ➞!VJY6fg

#FediTips Did you know some instances have a public timeline where you can scroll their local feeds even though you aren't a member? This can help you search out folks you might want to follow.

For example:

Other public timelines aren't limited to the local instance. (Though really they should be.) Another example:

Feel free to boost this toot. :D


I'm Helen, I write historical books, so far about the Inca Empire for kids & adults with a focus on incredible women who lived back then but got sidelined by traditional history books.

All links: http://linkt.ree/intrepiddudettes

Hashtag interests:

And cos my kids like them I follow toots on #dinosaurs

I think 95% of why I prefer terminal applications to anything else, is that it's guaranteed the text will be readable.

This wasn't as much an issue with GTK+/Qt, but now that people are using Electron or building their own widgets on top of Qt that completely ignore theming, the number of non-terminal apps that simply aren't usable keeps going up.

(As do the number of people who for some reason think it's good and okay to build applications with no way to change the font size.)

The "getting people back into the office" is being slightly hindered by heating malfunctions (2x), works closing part of building, and now a broken front door.

Under-rated feature on Masto:

The "Delete & re-draft" button

It does exactly what's on the label

It deletes your post, but puts it back in the editor so you can fix that *one* thing easily

Question from a #newbie - is there a way to set my feeds to show just languages I know? I thought I had that set in preferences but apparently not.

Question for the scholars out there. I am contemplating learning a shorthand system for taking notes faster, as I still take most of my notes on (e-)paper. Does anyone have already learned or tried to learn shorthand? Which system? What's your experience? Any resource recommended?
(Boosts appreciated)
#askfediverse #noteTaking #shorthand

web browsing, markdown 

With HTML5 being so powerful that web browsers are now operating systems in ways that even emacs would be envious, I'm really wanting to find/get/build a "markdown browser" that just fetches raw markdown over https, and displays it with whatever the user has set up for headings/tables/links/etc.

Of course, the hard part with making this useful is finding content available online as raw markdown, but does something like this exist? Either a markdown browser, or an actual "markdown internet" type thing?

Black folks only, non black folks don't interact besides if you want to boost. 

So when you got onto the fediverse where there any hashtags or anything you tried to search out to find other black folks on here? Wondering if there is any consensus could use to try and signal beacon to other folks. Or maybe I just need to start something and hope it sticks? Like they have #BlackTwitter i've seen on posts so maybe #BlackMastodon or #BlackFedi ?

👏 Protocols, not platforms.
👏 Communities, not corporations.

Dear new users:

It's alright to take your time and get up to speed on here. You don't have to hit the ground running. You might have picked up the habit of interacting with social media as it it were naturally a competitive performance--we all did--but the best thing about Mastodon and the fediverse beyond it is that it's not like that. Take some time to decompress.

It took me about six months to fully drop the armor that I'd been wearing from being on other sites. That was three years ago. This place changes lives.

Also, it's okay to be picky. Sign up at a new instance, if the first one you pick isn't the best fit possible. You'll find your home, and folks here understand it takes trial and error.

Above all, take a deep breath. What feels weird now will make sense pretty quickly.

Glad to have you.

Admins don't read DMs, and I'm hoping that soon enough that'll be encrypted and I won't be able too.
Mastodon DMs should be considered "restricted messages" visible to people mentioned.

DMs are not that important when snapchat exists for sexts, and signal exists for crimes!

Real chat style DMs similar to Twitter/facebook is coming to the ecosystem soon and will be encrypted and secured from admins... but until then, you need to consider "DMs" in mastodon different than the normal style.

It's more of a direct toot, then a direct message.

and in fact, the #mastodev team really should rename Direct Messages to Direct Toots or restricted because people have mental associations with the word "direct message"... and I get annoyed when I see a DM in my timeline and the back of chat style DMs..

Hello 👋🏻👋🏻 I'm Will, 38 he/him/his from Glasgow. Interested in tech, board games, and cycling.
I work at U of Glasgow on various graph algorithms, including the kidney exchange programme here in the UK.
In my spare time, I like seeing local music gigs, cycling everywhere (mtb and road), and playing games of the board, table-top or video type.


On the internet, everyone knows you're a cat — and that's totally okay.