Trans athletes, Chris Mosier posted this on a facebook group I'm in. I don't have many details about the research, but if you are a trans athlete, it might be of interest.

The email is

Needed a jacket to go out to the shops tonight. I guess summer is actually over

Nope, Little Fred is also out. I am not good at this game, but I'm getting better :)

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Well, my first attempt at Mount & Blade: Warband ended badly. Many of my soldiers were killed trying to rescue my unconscious body, then captured by bandits. Time to see how Little Fred, son of Big Fred, does.

Pakistan put out a call for 160 million in aid and I can't stop thinking about how triple that amount was raised in a few days for Notre Dame.

This is my stance on #mushrooms. They are elder horrors beyond are comprehension. And some of them are tasty 🍄 #sporespondence

what they think is cyberpunk: owning/driving a tesla

what IS cyberpunk: hacking someone’s tesla from your friend’s off network 85 civic hatchback drift racer plastered in anime decals

(companies forget that subverting the corps is a foundational component of the genre)

Posting this in the hope that someone has the same issue as us.

We live in a 19th-century three-storey terraced house in the north-east of England. We converted the loft so we know that's well-insulated. Other parts of the building are not.

Every winter, the top floor (which includes a tiny home office) gets too hot so whoever is up there ends up opening the Velux windows. Meanwhile, downstairs it gets too cold.

Are you a emoji/emote artist who is up for paid commissions and want to see your work shipped with #Owncast?

It's time for Owncast to clean up what custom emoji/emotes we ship with and add some that would resonate with streamers and their viewers.

This could be a fun paid project for an artist with experience in these tiny icon-sized works of art! Feel free to DM or chime in on the below issue:

It finally caught up with me. Feeling okay for now, but am resting up and taking it easy

@tinyrabbit @felix I can't speak for Felix's experience, but I just checked and neither Roma nor Romani are in the aspell-en dictionary. I tried to work out where to send new words, but couldn't find any definitive solution.

Or possibly is there a new nice (simple) programmer that works with SWD that people happily use? I think I have run out of usable raspberry pi's for now.

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Getting back into embedded development for fun. I need (want) to buy an ST-link, but it seems anything official is sold-out and unavailable for months-to-years. Is there any ethical (or even reliable?) clone to buy? UK based, if relevant.

New bartape day! Don't mock my wrapping, I'm still learning!

@w_pettersson I've been using for a while now, while we wait for our solar install, to try to get an idea of what to expect. I use it with a plug-in to Hone Assistant but you can just feed their API with a one line request too.

@withaveeay Sorry if it wasn't clear, I don't want a calculator/site that takes into account anything and everything. I want something specifically to account for those things I mentioned (and ignores anything else).

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