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New bartape day! Don't mock my wrapping, I'm still learning!

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One thing that annoys me about the bike lane coverage in Glasgow is that vehicles can use "shared bicycle lanes" (aka bicycle lanes with dashed lines, see picture) for loading/unloading. This is not at all welcoming to newer cyclists, and should not be marked as a bicycle lane.

For the record, since people will mention this, I'm not saying that the truck shouldn't be able to unload. I'm saying that this is not a bicycle lane. This does not count as cycling infrastructure. The council should either do it properly, or not do it all.

This half-way nonsense is just going to deter potential cyclists who will see a "bicycle lane" on their map, but then try to use it, be forced out into traffic in an intersection, and swear off cycling as it's scary and dangerous.

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In an effort to be more social on social media, here's me enjoying summer after a run.


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