In a city of many gods, belief follows the contours of history and culture, waxing and waning like the tide.

An altar glows red for a moment, then the glow subsides. Old gods fall asleep; new gods awake.

looking once again at rucksacks

I do like a good rucksack

I have a parcel due to be delivered, allegedly, in the next hour

which means WAITING MODE IS ON

I think I've found a lot of SOE bot-generated articles on a whole bunch of fitness websites

There's a lot of weird phrasing and unusual typos

re: aerobics, inaccessible fitness stuff, body ideals, elitism 

@distel ooh maybe this was why I hated PE in school

re: Breast screening awareness poster, featuring me 

@ehashman oooo does it feel like it looks (the hook side of a velcro strip)??

(deleted and redrafted bc of word order...)

last day in a row tomorrow after which I am going to *sprint* to the train station to join my family on holiday arghhhghhh

@ellavescent I'm packing up my room and wish I'd done this... discovering outfits I haven't worn

@ehashman interesting... maybe that's how capsaicin cream works??

I was going to get a gift for someone who's hosting me

but the box broke open in my bag ;___;

@anubis2814 heya

do you mind putting a cw on these pics? I know it's not a literal photo but they're still pretty graphic

mutual aid/work request, medical 

Still haven't gotten my refund for my copay :/

so i need $30 for the appt tomorrow, $10 for the meds. also have a dr appt next week to get my SSRI's so that's like, $50 IIRC

also owe someone money. if anyone needs anything done or like,
just has $5 bucks laying around

paypal is

cashapp and venmo are xenocat

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