So: behold the jinhao 991

Very lightweight, sturdy metal clip a la Uniball eye, comes with a converter

I don't 100% like how the nib feels tbh, it was uneven and dry to start with. F nib writing like an M, but also after I pressed on the nib to separate the tines a lil

Podcast: GRAVY (SFWA) 

A recent favourite podcast of mine, exploring the history and culture of the American South through foods and eating establishments.

Really enjoy the sections on how immigration influenced the region – one close to home was Dancing the Shrimp Dry, about Chinese immigrants in Louisiana.

this is a pic I took last year, but still relevant

[pic of black and white cat sitting in the middle of the pavement. caption: "a catte"]

silly classical art tooting 

look at these guys my gosh

[two white guys in ruffed collars standing facing the viewer with their faces pressed together - crop from the painting Anatomy Lesson of Dr Willem van Meer]

discovery of the day:

a tiny body horror game made in Bitsy (screenshot: black textbox on blue background, with the words "SCREEECH! THUNK.")


On the internet, everyone knows you're a cat — and that's totally okay.