housing help needed, England 

so my landlady just told me I'm getting my week's notice on Monday, so I need to be out of here by the 8th of July.

Currently in Northallerton, Hambleton, North Yorkshire.

I don't have a car, I don't know how to use public transport here, my only income is donations from you lot.


re: housing help needed, England 

@LottieVixen crap, I'm so sorry :(

I don't mean to offer unsolicited advice (feel free to bap me on the head if so) but do you think Shelter or Citizen's Advice might be able to help?

re: housing help needed, England 

@verityvirtue what is Shelter? CA might be able to i guess I'll go in tomorrow

re: housing help needed, England 

@LottieVixen Shelter is a housing charity, they have a helpline/live chat which I think operates working hours (!)


I haven't used their services before I'm afraid but they seem to be quite up to speed on the legal side of things?

best of luck 🤞 🤞

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