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@bewitchyourmind Don't need to take it I already know I'm 'appropriating daddy'

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I had top surgery and folx, it's good

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chopin may have looked like like bargain bin twink with a bad attitude but he sure could kick off an album

@useram169 this is the most metal thing on my tl today. Bless you.

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COUNCIL OF CARDINALS: The smoke is white, Johnny Confusing, what will be your papal name


Me: high femme!
Guards: High! Femme!

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I'm not powerful enough yet to reply to one of my toots with "y'all aint boosting this? smh!", that's a real power move.

@Eweish oh this is easy: Grimes and Elon Musk. And afterward she sits looking miserable in the hotel sweet and he gets out of the shower smiling. Grimes starts crying a little and he hugs you goodbye and whispers “I’d like to see you again” into your ear.

I really hate Markov bots. Especially on Mastodon where I don’t follow too many people and tend to read every toot. I always end up puzzling over meaning for 5 minutes before I realize “oh this is just a fucking bot again”

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