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@bewitchyourmind Don't need to take it I already know I'm 'appropriating daddy'

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chopin may have looked like like bargain bin twink with a bad attitude but he sure could kick off an album

@useram169 this is the most metal thing on my tl today. Bless you.

dysphoria shit /work anxiety ugh cis people are SO NASTY. something I know for a fact: they have the same conversations about cis queer women. Being AFAB doesn’t mean you “pass” with people who talk like that.

dysphoria shit /work anxiety lots of 💜 to the cutest gal on my tl. I am a stranger but if you ever want to vent to a stranger let me know!


@jalcine I wasn’t aware of this angle but yes, Netflix has been generating a bunch a different graphics and showing different ones to different users. You’re not being paranoid they’re really trying to trick you!

< selfie > thank you for marking this as sensitive because I am sensitive to becoming shooketh

COUNCIL OF CARDINALS: The smoke is white, Johnny Confusing, what will be your papal name


Me: high femme!
Guards: High! Femme!

@Eweish oh this is easy: Grimes and Elon Musk. And afterward she sits looking miserable in the hotel sweet and he gets out of the shower smiling. Grimes starts crying a little and he hugs you goodbye and whispers “I’d like to see you again” into your ear.

I really hate Markov bots. Especially on Mastodon where I don’t follow too many people and tend to read every toot. I always end up puzzling over meaning for 5 minutes before I realize “oh this is just a fucking bot again”

Max's latest malapropism in English is 'debiity' to mean a 'weakness' or 'chink in the armor'

It's a cognate of the Spanish 'debilidad'

Selfie [does a 'teen pastor' squat in a maxi dress] hey wow looking great guess those push ups are really working out for you hey feel free to stop by whenever if you're interested in ending my life.

Music, TV, long, drugs? 

@emilyoram There is no disco ball and no piñata, and this is the most Japanese/American/German thing ever

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