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Good to see Marx's teachings getting traction with the youth

So, I have a skin disease. NF-1 is a genetic disorder that causes these lumps to appear on my skin. There are now four on my face, dozens on the rest of my body. I could get surgery but more will appear for the rest of my life.

But what’s funny is: i feel so beautiful now. Two years ago when I looked handsome in a photo it was someone else, a handsome dude, an illusion, that I saw in the picture.

Today with a fresh haircut, heavy stubble, and a bunch of new skin bumps, I feel beautiful.

Screen tests for the new Avatar series

"strum with me if you want to live"

tfw when you love bread the right amount

In a classic appropriation move, I have acquired bisexual lighting glasses, despite being a full-time gay girl.

A nice, cool mug of genderfluid

Custard bubbled up out of the mixer :/

Lady at Harbor Freight said not to weld in this dress

@tobyfee teaching Max to separate eggs

Wheatabix and frozen berries with powdered sugar for my sick mom.