toby's daddy here: we had to put toby to sleep today.

He was suffering from acute kidney failure; his creatinine levels were off the charts, well past the Stage 4 thresholds.

He had been losing weight over the last couple of years, despite a deliberate diet; he was skin and bones, but he was happy and bouncy until a couple of days ago. He may have had a stroke; cats can recover from strokes, but not so much from kidneys that damaged.

I may post some more photos... but thank you, and goodbye.

i am a thin old cat these days

i went to the vee eee tee

it was neil
he is nice
i like him

neil says one of my kiddlys is very small

i think that is not good

i do not like it when i get things put on my neck


a daddy gave me noms. i fell asleep while they did something quiet. other daddy came home, didn't disturb quiet daddy, and gave me more noms.

it was the best day ever.

daddy said i turned fourteen today

what is fourteen? i know four, i am good at four, but i don't know fourteen

daddy says it is

i love my pet daddy

most of the time

my silly brother tried to read my mind. there was more of it than he thought.

this is my brother. you cannot have him. he is silly but he loves me.

my ult ra sound came back and all is well

we don't know why i am not as big as i used to be

i just am

there are times when brother is nice and i love him. he is good for naps.

my brother got in the funny bag. i don't know why. he did not go to see neil. my brother is sort of too big for the bag.

my brother is big. sometimes he sits on me. i don't like that.

he gives me lots of groomies. some groomies are good. lots are not. my ears do not need lots and lots of groomies.

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