Watching the music video for @JanelleMonae's new song "Make Me Feel" is an entirely different experience to listening to the song without visuals. Do both <3

One of my sisters wrote a BuzzFeed post about how hard it is to live with a couple. I find it very important to note that I am only one half of one of the two couples she has lived with, so there's only a 25% chance that any of her post is about me.

I think someone on the internet just asked me to stop arguing with them.

Do they not understand what the internet is for?

"I'm going to simplify our sound system!"

"So we'll have fewer remotes?"


"So we'll have the same number of remotes?"


"How many more remotes are you adding?"

"Just one!"

On this day in 1812, New Madrid, Missouri was destroyed by an earthquake with a 7.5 magnitude and aftershocks hitting 7.0. This was the *third* in a series of earthquakes over a few months, which resulted in soil liquefaction, the creation of new lakes, and, for a bit, the Mississippi flowing backwards. The New Madrid fault line is still active.

Just felt y'all should know.

In Portland? Want to help plan Open Source Bridge **TEN**? We're having an open planning meeting on February 5 at 6 PM!

Here's the Portland Prospectus for 2018:

More than 20 tech conferences happening in Portland, OR this year that your organization can sponsor.

Let me know if you need ideas on how to slide this into your manager's inbox. 💚

Safety First has Code of Conduct office hours right now. Join us online with your code of conduct questions!

My dentist says I have the teeth of a 60 year old. I don't even know how I'm supposed to feel about that... maybe mildly offended on my teeth's behalf?

Hey, do any of y'all do freelance indexing, including the bit where you make the index work properly in InDesign?

TFW you can figure out who is organizing a particular conference just from seeing the code of conduct...

I need your help, Python folks <3 

Friends in the Python community! I'm working on a project and I need your help! Please take this 6 question survey:

New & experienced programmers welcome, as well as folks who don't program but do participate in the Python community.

Thanks in advance!

incredibly bad investing advice 

Today in late-stage capitalism: I saw that a financial reporter is working on an article about "spicing up" your retirement planning. Look, I do not want financial advice that leads to excitement (or more likely, terror). Capitalism already has that part covered on its own.

@phildini hey are you putting in any Pycon talks about Mastodon?

Literally pushed @swenson out the door this morning. Time off is all well and good, but I would like to get back into a routine NOW.

I already have 24 tech / tech adjacent conferences on my calendar for 2018 JUST IN PORTLAND OR.

OH: "But I really want to take 'Robert's Rules of Order' to the orgy!

I guess today is going to be about pulling all the Nymwars and other real names fights material, and then rewriting them to discuss OkCupid. Gross.

"Books: just as good as a second pair of hands, provided all you need to do is prop something in place temporarily."

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