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Anybody in Portland have a SmartMedia card reader? I found some old memory cards I'd like to get pics off of, but it seems a waste to buy a new reader when I only need it for a few minutes for the rest of my life.

Do you use the Karabiner for Mac and want to be able to remap keys to emoji easily?

I wrote an app to create custom complex modification rules that includes emoji (and other arbitrary text) support!

Useful for you macro keyboard nerds

you: 4/20
me, C: 0
you: 4/20
me, a broken implementation of the IEEE 754 Standard for Floating-Point Arithmetic: 0.199998

Woohoo passed my amateur radio Technician and General exams!

"It is almost certainly a timezone problem, my favorite"

Me: *having a slow day*
Someone: There's a race condition in this code, but we don't know where.

The battery in my multimeter battery died. A new battery is literally more expensive than the multimeter.

So, hardware nerds, multimeter recommendations?

The most unrealistic part of the movie Hackers is when the he instantly comes up with a new handle.

Testing out a CST trackball in the neverendjng quest of not-destroying my thumbs and wrists.

It’s pretty.

Got a new power brick for my Blu-ray player. Now I can watch this DVD I just found in a dusty box

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