Microsoft released the source for GW-BASIC (1983) and reading it is a wild ride.

This code has everything

* Double-precision floating-point library
* Kanji support
* Leftover code from the Altair 8800

The first rule of cat ownership: if you think you smell cat pee, then there is definitely cat pee.

Things I always google:

* how to do any time formatting and conversion in Python (or really every language)
* which of >& or &> or 2>1 etc. redirect stderr to stdout or to a file
* anything involving sed
* jQuery AJAX functions

And basically everything else.
RT @IanColdwater
I can absolutely guarantee you that all the experienced engineers you look up to still make mistakes and have to look things up too

Doing these things does…

“Something isn’t really working until the first time it breaks”

rhetorical follow-up: what do cofounders / small team members who have a mix of Deaf folks and hearing folks (who don't know sign language)? I feel like having such a strong culture around face-to-face, auditory meetings is needlessly anti-accessible.

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Would it be possible to have a tech startup with a *no* meetings policy?

Like "No-Meetings Friday", but every single day.

I am truly amazed at how often my neighbors can mow their lawns.

Now that all meetings are virtual, I feel like I am in way more meetings.

Maybe I was only getting time for work because people forgot to invite me to the in-person meetings that I would have missed as a remotie 😂

“I am the traditional sacrificial engineer”

I have to say that Python typing has been such a boost to my productivity.

Every time I go into downtown to pick up something from my office

@jamey Good to know. I've had almost the opposite problem with IPv6 -- Comcast does not always give an IPv4 address anymore, which initially caused some problems. It seems to be better now.

Do I know anyone in Portland who uses C*nturyLink gig fiber? I’m debating upgrading (from C*mcast gig) for better upload speeds and lower costs, but I’m concerned about reliability.

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