Every time I go into downtown to pick up something from my office

Great read.
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As promised, I wrote up my greenscreen-free virtual background implementation for Linux, and the whole stack is open source! 😀

Why do almost all keyboard layouts who have horizontal nav bars put "up" to the left of "down"? Have they never used vim, or gmail keyboard shortcuts?

I shaved and now sometimes my phone doesn’t even recognize.

This is going to make a sweet tattoo
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30 lead tablets, engraved with curses, that invoked the gods of the underworld in order to cause harm to others, have been discovered at the bottom of a 2,500 year old well in Athens.

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And because @theyusetools understands how I operate, she also made a bigger and shinier version of her “You don’t have to do what Thursday tells you to” sticker for @chris_swenson to give out

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