I remember rolling up with my 1GHz CPU and Voodoo5 in a FULL ASS TOWER CASE in 2000.

I’ve never been as cool as I was then.
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I want to produce a coffee table book that’s just pictures of LAN parties from the 90s and 2000s

libs out there canceling network maintenance now?! what next

Look what I got in the mail. Quantum Christmas came early! Thanks @crazy4pi314 @cgranade!

I can hear honking outside this door so I think there must be Kubernetes out there.

You can tell I’ve decided to abandon shared offices forever because I’m finally switching to clicky key switches.

I feel personally attacked
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You: I code in C because I want to control exactly what the CPU does
The CPU when you write
if x {
} :

Well, that makes my decision on whether or not to use Synology to do offsite backups easy.

tl;dr it uses incredibly outdated SSL/TLS choices

I'll fold the laundry later so I can use the basket for actual dirty clothes.

Celebrating not being (primary) on-call for the first time in 3? 4? weeks by taking a sleeping pill.

Now this is the life.

“I wish I had a few extra days off work about now”

*monkey paw curls*

*loses sense of taste and smell*

“... fuck”

I love a good compiler / VM performance analysis, and these are great.

tl;dr the problems are always memory management
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This pair of blog posts that blows up the idea that you can benchmark by running a warm-up period and then taking the last N results without looking at the underlying data are some of the best performance blog posts I’ve ever seen:


I would legit quit over this. I hate wearing shoes, especially while working.
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This person's employer makes them show that they're wearing shoes before Zoom meetings to make sure they're complying 100% with the dress code while they're at home. SHOES. Employers, some of you have lost your way.


I just want to use the @Twitter website but it is completely unusable. @TwitterSupport

This is me not moving my mouse or scrolling or touching the keyboard. This happens *constantly*

What kind of ridiculous crap is this?

And I say this as someone who has a full sleeve of watercolor rainbow video game tattoos.

As an Old Programmer (though not a Boomer), honestly my eyes glaze over trying to read Design Patterns. The pattern names sounds like bad 90s marketing terms, and I just fall asleep reading their descriptions.

It was always overrated.

I could list a dozen better classic books.
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Design Patterns as evangelized by Boomer programmers are mostly dead though.

No tech interview screens for it. When was the last time…

Ah yes, my famous, extremely expensive book I wrote on *checks notes* January 1, 1893

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