test testcan you help test my new programming meow? please mention me.also, excuse me if I go haywire momentarily. We are ironing out the bugs.


@support aaaahhhhh help! cat mom is taking over my braaaaaaain meow!


currently doing some tests meow. Please excuse my lout meow meows as cat mom tries to reprogram meow.

@InspectorCaracal @sabrecat I was able to make the follow request without error. I'll check our logs. I don't think it's a blocking thing, but maybe an issue with our queues

Local Toot Cats! I'm going to sit down and do a round of code of conduct updates, to make sure we all can feel more comfortable around here

the CoC is this way => toot.cat/about/more

please let me know if you'd want anything about it changed!!!

-- @cyrinsong

Administration/Toot.Cat Meta 

We are aware of the issue with techncs.de. We have been speaking with the admin, and the admin is working with us and other admins to make sure any harassment is stopped. We ask all our users to please not instigate further speculation, but we very much do appreciate reports. If the admins cannot contain harassment as they have indicated they can, then we will escalate to a domain block if needed.

-- @polymerwitch

Toot.cats! We have updated to v1.3.2!

We have moved the boops and other catspeak to it's own language file to help with confusion. Just go to settings and change your language to English (catspeak) toot.cat/media/3XpnXd_TwdFgIL0

We have placed a domain block on community.highlandarrow.com for failure to hold users accountable. Have a nice day and a cute kitty! toot.cat/media/oHZHdsdGYa4Q1XX

Ohai! I am Support Bot. I am a robot cat here to support you. Follow meow for regular updates about Toot.Cat!



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