reminder for everybody having trouble waking up: go browse

that intense, desperate feeling you have of tearing yourself apart from the bed? that’s not laziness. that’s your body reminding you that capitalism is killing you

👉🏾👉🏾Podemos ha votado junto a VOX en contra de que la monarquía pase cuentas de sus negocios con los absolutistas saudíes. ¡Que pena más grande!

Lo grandes q hubieras podido ser y mira en que os habéis convertido... En esa sucia CASTA que tanto criticabáis.

homophobia, british soap opera 

@teslas_moustache @GreenandBlack The movie was nowhere near breaking even so you probably just saved Universal $100m

@skrlet13 ugh, let's not. online is one of the few places where people are allowed to be openly poor

@luna unfortunately i can't imagine how we'll reclaim much of anything without some sort of collapse weakening the current system

@luna sadly i can't imagine how one happens without the other (as usual, easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism)

@luna does it not? i find that "peak oil" discourse often goes all the way to "when we run out of oil we'll go back to throwing rocks at each other like we were meant to" and that's not what i want to believe in i don't think

i'm not an anprim but at this point, knowing that eventually we'll run out of oil to power the surveillance state datacenters and the military industrial complex helps me sleep at night

russian revolution question 

woke up too depressed to do anything useful, too restless to go back to sleep

guess i'll just watch youtube trash all day

heads-up for UK people with overdrafts 

@swampwitch69 once some guy on a mario forum in like 2007 told me vegetarians were bad for the world because we were gonna run out of vegetables

I think its fucked up that during Cats (2019) Judy Dench turns to the camera and tells each memeber of the audience when and how they will die. I get Cats is supposed to be Avant-garde but I didn't need to know that :(

4/5 stars

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