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machine learning has the potential to usher in a new era of misinformation, one in which there are a myriad plausible answers to each question and no reliable way to know which one is the true one.

it's also pretty damn funny tbh


as a boardgame nerd i am SO MAD at this neural network thought

i was trying to bait it into generating terfy text but instead it generated the back cover quotes for it and i can't stop laughing @OCRbot

@OCRbot addendum: this is also useful for generating contrapoints-quality discourse

neural networks do their best to answer your nonsensical questions in earnest and they're adorable @OCRbot

janet: "michael, good news! i was able to obtain the side lane ramp you asked me for"
michael: sighs "is it actually a roundabout?"
"i don't understand"
"i want to see the side lane ramp for my highway. is that what you have, or do you have a roundabout?"
"i have the side lane ramp."
"you sure? you have the side lane ramp, and not a roundabout?"
"that is correct. i have the side lane ramp, i do not have a roundabout"
"excellent! show it to me!"
bling! "here you go!"

hong kong has giant holes in its buildings to "let dragons pass through" but madrid just does it out of a sincere desire to fuck with poor people and i personally appreciate the honesty

muy fan de que sigan poniendo a upyd en las graficas de estimaciones de voto, sobreimpuesto al eje de coordenadas #resplandeciente #magenta #animoso

tfw you're in your casual bee fursuit and the orb flirts with you

i chime in with a haven't you people ever heard of closing the goddamn door

you have a problem, which is roundabouts. the good news is you come up with a solution. the bad news is the solution is also roundabouts. you sit in the corner and reconsider your life choices. the corner is also a roundabout

i don't think i have ever hated anything as much as whoever made this roundabout crossing hates pedestrians

no puedo dormir asi que os dejo más fotos de rotondas demoníacas, para que vosotres tampoco podáis dormir

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