consequences? in my actions?

(it's more likely than you think)

you think 馃暣 U+1F574 MAN IN BUSINESS SUIT LEVITATING 馃暣 is a victimless crime? think again


honestly, what i like the most about asking questions to neural networks tends to be not the actual answer to the question, but the improvised conceptualization of reality that emerges when it tries to give context to an answer that it doesn't itself understand, and how each detail in it tends to be either tautological or nonsensical on its own, and yet it somehow tends to form a coherent narrative for the whole

anyway thanks for reading. i hope your snoots don't have throats and your hands remain roughly a fist's width wide

re: ukpol, neural network shitposting 

ukpol, neural network, not really shitposting anymore? 

re: ukpol, neural network shitposting 

re: ukpol, neural network shitposting 

ukpol, neural network shitposting 

would you like some uuuuuh [spins the neural network wheel] whitewashed black panther

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