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tfw the king leaves the country

been immersed in an ai dungeon narrative thing for most of yesterday. it's amazing how it can come up with interesting interactions and characters and help you flesh out a world on the go, but also it's just a genuinely entertaining read sometimes. i'm actually digging the characters it's coming up with and thinking of rewriting the "story" so far to give it some internal consistency. i mean, Tych is just adorable and if he existed and had dimples i would squish them

i hear some of you are confused about the latest developments in catalan politics. rest assured, i have prepared a helpful infographic that will clear everything up

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mainstream media: how dare you imply that we're going through some sort of apocalypse! this is the new normal and everything's more normaler than it's ever been. shut up you doomber
also mainstream media:

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lesbianes gais transgenere intersexuales barcelonines catalanes i nazis. all the genders covered. thanks colau


that is not what she said and the article and headline is bonkers but holy shit this is the worst take

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so i was trying to share this video from the cnn live updates website thing. cnn's website is the worst and the video autoplays, so i wanted to find a link to the video itself, but of course the website doesn't give me one.

so i think, well they've probably uploaded the video to youtube too right? so i can probably just google the caption ("What would a domestic violence call in a world without police look like?") with "cnn youtube" and it'll take me to that video on their youtube channel right?

um. sort of? it took me to this video ( ) with a bunch of hashtags and a weirdly formatted description. the channel has the CNN logo and name but the header says "DHBI NEWS" in the most eye-straining way possible? and the channel was created a month ago. what???

(here's the autoplay link if you're interested in the video itself, but this link may not actually contain the video i'm talking about if you're reading this an hour from now because it's a live feed, and the page itself probably won't exist tomorrow, because fuck you, the web is an ephemeral hellscape now, newspapers somehow still don't get the internet and it's not like they're supposed to be reliable providers of sourceable information or anything right? )

"why do they keep going back to the island???" turns out they make minimum wage and if they quit they won't get unemployment benefits

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liberals: "you can't just go around calling everything you don't like a Nazi"
also liberals:

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