tiktok take 

the trump administration's attack on tiktok works on two angles: first, it projects a "strong on china" image, with a touch of "protecting our youth", and second, it attempts to either ban tiktok, a young leftist social hub that spreads uncensored information about the ongoing BLM protests, or obtain the same access to it that the chinese government has, so that it can go after protesters. none of these are good things. as many have said, other social networks are just as privacy-intrusive and tracking-happy as tiktok is. no genuine intention of protecting anyone can be seen on this move.

that said, what i actually want to talk about: we need to start to simultaneously acknowledge that "evil chinese app tracks young americans' online movements" is sinophobic nonsense that needs to be countered, AND that mass surveillance through social media currently takes place, in tiktok, in twitter and here, AND that it is very worrying that states and corporations freely access, share and cross-reference user data, while censoring, stifling and astroturfing most forms of online discourse, with no consequences. banning tiktok is yet another fascistic move from the US administration. that alone doesn't absolve any other actors involved in this of much.

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