i'm not an anprim but at this point, knowing that eventually we'll run out of oil to power the surveillance state datacenters and the military industrial complex helps me sleep at night

@luna does it not? i find that "peak oil" discourse often goes all the way to "when we run out of oil we'll go back to throwing rocks at each other like we were meant to" and that's not what i want to believe in i don't think

@strnom Oh no that's anprim

But like, being alright with surveillance and the military running out of energy to keep their shit running is not

(as long as it doesn't mean everyone loses energy)

@luna sadly i can't imagine how one happens without the other (as usual, easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism)

@strnom renewable energy, nuclear energy (we're still trying to figure out fusion), and generally just reclaiming whatever we can from massive cooperations

@luna unfortunately i can't imagine how we'll reclaim much of anything without some sort of collapse weakening the current system

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