i wonder if there's anything i can use for deploying static sites that's as simple as netlify but isn't netlify

really i'm looking for something a tiny bit more decentralized than "ssh into my server and use nano to edit the html file" but also not as inconvenient as "make it a git repo and make sure to remember to keep your changes synced to all the machines you edit from"

@trwnh hm. i know you said no git, but note it's relatively easy to set up a folder as a git server!

@strnom i'm not strictly against git i just find it annoying having to remember to pull before editing and commit+push afterward... so if the git stuff would happen automatically that'd be cooler


@trwnh consider whether git can help you in the writing process? like, meaningful commit messages and branching versions of the text are useful writing tools? what i mean is, having to commit/push/pull may not be a bad thing

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