If you're non-binary, you have magical powers, Ishtar loves you and the Bablyonian goddess of death thinks you're hot

It's science

(holding a can of worms)
i can show you the worms
shining, shimmering, splendid

How to become a specialist in tech jobs:

  1. you have to do something with a tool you don’t know

  2. You hate it instantly

  3. Turns out this tool is driving you mad

  4. You spend 2 weeks fixing this particular tool and learning trough pain

  5. You finally made it work

  6. Congrats, now you are a specialist on something you hate.

every time slack or any other shit i use for work loads slowly or i get abruptly logged out (all the time with any google product tbh) i immediately assume i’ve been fired

Ready now, bail down the alley
When we hit the next light
And would you, and would you believe
There are people who ask me how to fight
I'm running as fast as these legs can go
And I'm going home

mh - 

still losing my mind at "i am become death". my dude said some shit like it was out of a poorly translated videogame and people were like whoa deep

GUYS: is it gay to mew? You're pretty much just making a high-pitched, crying sound, as that of a cat. 🤔😔

bot, potentially bad 

We believe you have received the usual lecture from the local System Administrator. It usually boils down to these three things:

#1) there are two wolves inside of you
#2) smash the state
#3) trans rights are human rights

obviously not that effective since i'm tooting about it instead of getting things done but y'know

so far the most effective step in getting me to focus today has been playing the VVVVVV soundtrack on the background and i don't know what this says about me

enbies open this 

She's really upped her game, from tidying up houses to "cleaning up" the society.

you know you can call a cat by saying pspsps but did you know you can get a lot more details if you say pspsps aux

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