life got you down? too much stress, too much depression? 

ill never be able to sing like kk slider and that's sad

White leftists have no footing to claim that what a democratically elected indigenous man did while in power, (a man who pulled MILLIONS out of poverty and IMF backed destruction, who united the indigenous peoples, one who nationalized many of their natural resources to fight back against corporatization) "wasn't enough", to hold a microscope to their perceived pitfalls and mistakes/poor policy positions, while ignoring the megatons of good and the importance of having leftist indigenous representation in Latin America, is honestly your whiteness showing fuckin HARD

If you ain't up in arms over the coup and the amount of racism and abuse the indigenous people are facing as a result and have the "well..actuaally.." attitude about it, then block me. Either you can learn, listen, and understand, or you can leave.

This is a fascist anti-indigenous US backed Coup in order to destablize the country to steal the resources they wished to nationalize.

Stop repeating neolib talking points.

me, following french mastodonians, feeling smart: ah. oui.

omg... this robot wrote me a beautiful Wario/Waluigi fanfic

@fediconf Dear fediverse citizens. We have been getting ready to announce the International #fediConf2020 in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain for some months now.
The time has come to settle on a date so we can reserve space at the venue. Please take a look at this form to see if any of the proposed dates suit you. Long live the #fediverse !

Finalmente hemos tenido algunos encuentros para ver que fines de semana están libres en Lleialtat Santsenca ( para organizar la FediConf 2020.

Se ha abierto el formulario siguiente para intentar ver entre todas cuando es la mejor fecha para hacerlo.

Por favor, votad y compartid con quien creais que puede estar interesada.

Minor prepper tip:

No matter how much cool stuff you’ve amassed to help you when the world ends, be prepared to leave it all behind if your area becomes dangerous

Survival happens entirely between your ears

I used to have coworker who would make a joke, and then after making a joke, he would say "jokes"

I think about that a lot

from what i can tell on Mastodon in-depth backend programming seems like trying to pick from 5 different Pokemon starters but everytime you reach out towards one professor oak in a monster energy t-shirt tells you it's trash and in the end you give up leave the lab and become a graphic designer/farmer

twitter screenshot 

r/relationships has 2 kinds of posts:

-my boyfriend, lord death of the murder castle, is powering his airship with orphan's blood. how do I rescue this relationship

-my girlfriend smiled at another man. is it legal to slash her tires

this has not been the same website for any two consecutive months i've been here.

many people are the same. many concepts hold true. but the fundamental shape of the experience really changes every few weeks and i dunno how much anyone else would cosign that sentiment based on their experience.

I'm bisexual which means I'm attracted to both genders: soft gays and squishy gays

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