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I’ve often said something to the effect of "making a product more accessible makes it more useful for everyone." It turns out there's a name for this phenomenon, the curbcut effect.

By age 35, you should have infiltrated a drug ring to crackdown on Substance D… But you’ve taken so much D that your brain's hemispheres are fighting for dominance, which has split your personality between druggie and cop, according to retirement experts.

It took me a long time to realize that my tendency to want to support others sometimes creates toxic dynamics.

"What Is Codependency?" 

The reason friends and therapists are best kept distinct is to avoid codependency.

Codependency most often takes the form of two people taking on roles of caretaker and care-receiver; where not only is the recipient of care dependent the specific caregiver, but the caregiver is dependent on the feeling of usefulness and validation they get from taking care of the other. This is very toxic as it means problems rarely actually get resolved

Which strategies and tactics disempower fascists? Are any counterproductive?

Instead of "ladies and gentlemen," try "party people." Party people is gender neutral.

By age 35, you should have discovered your entire life is an implanted memory and that the people who implanted it in your head want you dead… so you journey to Mars to liberate the red planet, guided by video of yourself before the memory wipe, according to retirement experts.

Hey queer and trans folk, especially amab enbies, how do you find intimate relationships online?

I’m not having much luck on OKC, but maybe it’s cause I’m using the same account I had before I stopped pretending. I need touch and cuddles.

Terminator 2, except Arnold is a bitcoin rig.


Overhearing a couple of loud bisexuals talking about their sex lives on the sidewalk. I’m three stories up. 😊

I need to get TSA Pre✔️ before I fly again. Because it is very difficult for me to get through the long line without being a jerk to one or more strangers.

Yep. Completely unable to mask my contempt of security theatre today.

"I do not have a preference of the gender of the agent who performs the pat down."

Why do Lyft drivers ask me how they should drive to the airport? I have no opinion on the matter, not the expertise to form one.

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