Really digging the Mastodon's color insensitive UI. The switch tells me when it is on, rather than letting me infer from color.

@savanni in reflection, not appropriating Rasta culture is more inclusive. Stay positive.

Thankful that my ex is ok with me stress crying around them, cause getting into convos with them has me processing some shit.

@kaniini Yes, their behavior causes a hazard. The best way to deal with traffic hazards is to slow the fuck down.

@kaniini It’s not your job to harass drivers, regardless of their bad behavior. If it is concerning you, contact your local authorities.

@kaniini two unsafe activities don’t make a right.

@kaniini stop ducking tailgating. If people flash their brakes they are telling you that your proximity makes them feel unsafe.

Why do people always ask if I made my skirt?

Got to hang out with a new queer friend tonight and it almost immediately felt like we were talking in our secret twin language. 😘

Game design theory question: what mechanics encourage or discourage civility/kindness/generosity? How do we provide easements which guide people to better behavior?

My manager/emotional support/life coach is keeping me on task while I clean my room. 🐶

Technically, all work humans do with tools is "technical work."

Seattle is so queer, we don’t just have gay bars, we have bisexual bistros.

@Kiian Nah, I’ve been meaning to try multiplayer, which, if I recall correctly, will require a computer.

@Kiian I don’t think mods work on my platform (Switch) but appreciate the information.

What if the internet were a game… not gamified (addictive) but actually fun.

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