Any app suggestions for household management? One I’ve found is Chorma, but it hasn’t been updated since 2013. [image is not my review, but accurate seeming.]

Searching for this has me reflecting… most apps are made for the individual or the corporation, but there aren’t a bunch of apps for households or localities.

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One exception I forget the name of a while back was a calendar-share system (maybe two of them? there might ahve been two) and one was geared towards families and one was just geared towards "busy households" but specifically mentioned polycules IIRC.

I couldn't TELL you the names, but they were household-targeted. Essentially the "run your home like a project instead of hoping post-it notes are noticed" kind of a deal. (Or for people with Very Busy Kids, or just Very Busy Lives.)

@sydneyfalk 🤔

If it comes to mind let me know. The house is full of non-monogamists.

I worry a little with the project metaphor. You can’t exactly fire an underperforming flatmate.

But maybe you could give them a performance review. 😛


Cozi! that's the one I remember

There was another but I have lost track of that, it was like four phones ago (I have a bad track record of phone, um, 'failure', let's say.)

@strand time to write a replacement web app & charge money for the native wrapper 😈

@seanlinsley And then I give the profits to jubilee or an ngo fighting extreme poverty?

@strand what's jubilee? TIL about in my city though

@seanlinsley That’s an awesome org. I meant rolling jubilee which is a contemporary take on the medieval word jubilee which was the occasional decree of the forgiveness of all debts. Buying up debt at pennies on the dollar to forgive the debt. God, financial language is so goddam moral.

@strand My spouse and I tried OurHome, which sounds similar to the review you quoted. We had fun with it for about a week and then got bored of it. But maybe it'll be what you're looking for?

@jamey I tried that last year with the paggro roommate who moved out abruptly. I don’t remember loving it, but maybe I am biased by that experience. 🕵️‍♀️

Likely gonna tryout OurHome or Chore Wars. Probably Chore Wars cause my household is full of nerds. cc @jamey

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