LMAO just had it Arkansas driver tried to stand their ground with me too bad I learned how to drive in Massachusetts, your break check neans I get closer right?

@kaniini stop ducking tailgating. If people flash their brakes they are telling you that your proximity makes them feel unsafe.

@strand I hear impeding the left lane is an unsafe activity maybe they should stop doing it
@strand I mean literally the only time I ever tailgate anybody is when they're impeding the left lane I never ever tailgate anybody when I'm in the right lane at all ever I usually give people lots of space 99% of the time

@kaniini two unsafe activities don’t make a right.


they're gonna be tailgated regardless if they are impeding the left lane, which is why basically every state ever has made it a violation to impede the left lane

I've had to escort drivers out of the left lane before because they had absolutely no idea what driving in the left lane is like

@kaniini It’s not your job to harass drivers, regardless of their bad behavior. If it is concerning you, contact your local authorities.

@kaniini Yes, their behavior causes a hazard. The best way to deal with traffic hazards is to slow the fuck down.

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