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There's no rule saying an elemental lord can't be my girlfriend

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art commissions/self promotion 

I'm opening up a single slot for art commissions!

Prices are as follows:
Headshots - $5
Waist up - $10
Full body - $15
Headshots - $10
Waist up - $15
Full body - $25
Flat colors
Headshots - $15
Waist up - $25
Full body - $40
Color w/ shades + highlights
Headshots - $30
Waist up - $40
Full body - $50
All of the above plus background
Headshots - $40
Waist up - $50
Full body - $60

Please check me out at for a sampling of my work, as well as what I've included below!

it worked! my girlfriend @sigmaleph joined :) I don't know if she plans to actually post anything or follow anyone but me

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I should try to convince my gf to join mastodon so I don't have to re-transcribe all my follower-only posts that I want her to see.

@Sargoth bapping @Sargoth is p. entertaining with the avatar display for baps

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which, putting people who want to date me onto Halsey is a p. good outcome if that's how it works out

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I showed my gf my rewritten OKC profile and she said seeing it would have made her start listening obsessively to Halsey.


me: "this person's username has witch in it. I bet they're trans."
their profile: "I'm also a trans woman".

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fuck dysphoria im cute as HAEK and you know what? 

You are too💖

yes, I know, it'll never happen! but what if it did, tho?

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my dating site profile: "Message me if... <snip some stuff> You are on toot dot cat."

tbh sunday2300!me is a p. different person from the rest of me so should I really be letting her rewrite my OKC profile? jk rest!me was never going to do it anyway.

my about me is going to start with: "I just want a non-straight person to come make out with me at a Halsey show 5 months from now."

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I'm literally going to start using dating sites again solely to find someone to go to this Halsey show with.

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I need an additional more local partner so I can drag them to the Halsey show in November.

this new halsey album is really hecking bi and it's great

hero club five tenets, subtooting myself 

eat well, sleep well

I went out in girlmode for the first time today. :) nothing went horribly wrong! or even mildly wrong.

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