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@cwebber Thanks for confirming AP doesn't currently do the things! :) Hydra seems at a glance to focus on a different model of this sort of thing than what I'd personally like (though possibly still useful for the type of thing it does). @kibi and I have been brainstorming some thoughts about what might satisfy our relevant wants/needs, but I wanted to check if ActivityPub was supporting similar stuff in order to keep its approach in mind as we thought about how to do so.

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@cwebber no worries! one thing was that I was wondering if there was a clear way for a server to proactively declare that it supports receiving some special extension thing (so that e.g. an instance that supports unrebloggable (or follower-only or such) posts might try to refrain from sending them to servers that don't support unrebloggable posts)?

and, is there a standard place to expose some kind of object representing a server and with perhaps useful info about the server?

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@cwebber hey, would it be cool if I threw some activitypub-related questions at you? i've started reading the spec (and plan to continue on to the stuff it references like JSON-LD and such), but I have some questions of the 'does activitypub have a standard or obvious way to do this type of thing? would there be a straightforward way of extending it to do so if not?' type that could probably be sufficiently answered with a 'yes' with optional 'this section is relevant'.

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This is a reminder to all cats to boop your peers
on the nose
you're cats, so you can do so with impunity

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@garbados ❤ (also it may be more reliable to ping me at if you do have questions or such, as I more consistently have that account open these days and it's more likely I'll see the notification sooner)

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@garbados let me know if you have any questions :) (this applies more generally to glitch-soc stuff but especially to this since I have touched all of that code (sorry if it's hard to read or otherwise bad :P))

oh also docs for the feature at

we're planning to at least fix up the can-sometimes-federate thing before we do a "stable release" but idk if we have any idea of a timeline on that.

probably should have CWed some of those earlier replies oops. sorry frembs

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@garbados (hardcoding the commit hash so links stay pointing to right thing) keeps the post from being pushed out to other instances when posted. is the UI for the advanced options that lets you select it.

@garbados I had an unclosed paren there oops.

anyway I can point you to our code for it if you want?

@garbados the major incomplete things about our implementation are: 1. we currently just determine it on the basis of whether the toot ends with an 👁 (although this is handled automatically by a toggle in our compose UI on the web client now and does have some client compatibility advantages. 2. we don't yet completely prevents the toots from federating if another server goes looking for them (forex by someone searching the URL or someone replying to it with a non-local-only toot)

@garbados we have local-only over in glitch-soc, but probably it would never get merged to upstream. (we need to polish some things first, anyway, before it'd be ready to try, but I don't think they'd go for it)

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@polymerwitch i've been less around over here than elsewhere lately, but <3 it's okay hon i'm p sure we all understand and hope things improve for you. <3

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aaaaa i am going to have a @srn in nine days

@ashkitten the heck. People complain about gender in bios? O.O

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