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This is a reminder to all cats to boop your peers
on the nose
you're cats, so you can do so with impunity

probably should have CWed some of those earlier replies oops. sorry frembs

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aaaaa i am going to have a @srn in nine days

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opinion: a website that doesnt need to request information (like a blog or a news site) shouldnt be sending any data to any servers after the page is loaded

@cassolotl question that you may have especial knowledge of what with surveys and stuff: are there common differences in the usage/connotations of "nb" versus "enby"?

a goal: make "fuck X (do not actually fuck X)" happen.

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a major component of my day is just telling @sigmaleph about the amusing or cute things I see in places on the internet where she's not.

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I kind of want to make an account on but I think it would accelerate/increase the likelihood of my descent into witchery. I'm not sure whether that would be good, bad, or neither.

@polymerwitch catmom did you notice that there's a Catalan localization now :)

good stuff happened tonight and that is good and my mind is not entirely functional rn

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this (now defunct, sadly) blog for a pc repair shop that focuses on modding Zelda games to have gender neutral Links is extremely #Gameing

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Know your terms!
Gender dysphoria: an unease related to one's gender
Gengar dysphoria: an unease related to a spooky ghost type pokemon creeping RIGHT BEHIND YOU

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Reminder, if your feminism excludes trans people and sex workers, it sucks.

where should I go
I'm not a v. witchy person or I'd probably go over to that obvious instance.

I'mthinking of making an account on some instance bigger than toot dot cat but smaller than mastodon dot social. I really like here, but it'd be nice to spend some time on a place with faster-moving but still readable public timelines sometimes.

oops I accidentally booosted something and then accidentally boosted something else trying to unboost it

@cyrinsong something I often kind of wonder about your photos: is your home really extremely blue or do you use some kind of color filter than makes it look bluer?