I've been working on a set of "coping cards". It's a small wallet-sized zine I can carry with me. I can look at it when I'm triggered or having anxiety, and use grounding techniques to unhijack my brain.

The idea for coping cards comes from the book "Unfuck your brain" by Faith G. Harper. It's really good. Much more practical and written for a patient than "The Body Keeps The Score."

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New coping card addition: validating my feelings!

As a kid, talking about my feelings was met with a change in topic or problem solving. No one ever sat with me and said, "That sounds hard. Tell me more."

As an adult, I often push through my feelings or try to ignore them. Essentially gaslighting myself! So it's important for me to validate that my feelings are *real*, my experience is *hard*, and that's valid.

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New coping card: "It is okay to just exist"

I am a very perfectionist, goal-driven person. Often I'm more of a human doing than a human being. I push from one goal to the next without stopping for rest or to acknowledge my accomplishments.

My worth is not defined by my productivity.

I am worthy of self-care. I am worthy of love. I am worthy of joy, fun, pleasure, acknowledgement. I am worthy of breaks and rest, regardless of what I have "accomplished".

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